Subway-surface(Arcade Game)

Subway Surfers creator explains why co-development is key in mobile games
The mobile-development scene is beginning to settle. Once a lawless frontier for wild developers with crazy ideas, it is now just as common to see familiar names like Disney, Electronic Arts, and Activision ruling the top 10 games on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Smaller studios must get smart — like Kiloo Games, which tried a new co-production development model and hit the big time.

The Subway Surfers developer didn’t create the game on its own. Instead, it teamed up with another studio to leverage the strengths of both firms to create a more fine-tuned final product.

“In May, we launched Subway Surfers,” Kiloo chief creative officer Simon Moller told GamesBeat. “It went number one in 50 countries, including U.S. and we’re really happy about that.”

This endless runner is spectacularly popular. It has over 130 million total downloads and 25 million daily active users. It’s retention rates are also abnormally high, with 60 percent of players returning after 30 days of installing.

Kiloo thinks it can trace the success of the game directly back to the co-development environment the title was born out of..

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